instant gratification collective

instant gratification is an international  performance collective  founded by  Agnes Oberauer and Yiou Peng in 2019. The collective specialises in creating large scale, immersive, interdisciplinary performances exploring modern society and its contradictions, seeking to create imaginative spaces where collective experiences can take place.


instant gratification collective seeks to find the right frame and form based on the content of each piece they create, the emphasis being on creating space for the intangible  and the connection between performer, artwork and audience, allowing for a multiplicity of perspectives.

For this reason, the  concrete form of each work differs widely, depending on the content from which it emerges.

The collective collaborates with people of different nationalities, languages and backgrounds and always seeks to create conceptual frames that allows multiple layers of imaginative space.

The collective is based in Tallinn, Beijing, Hamburg, Vienna and Berlin and collaborates with international arists of different disciplines.  

upcoming projects: 

I am happy to spread my legs [on the beach and in the airport] (2022)

the real fake (2022)