upcoming premieres: 

Hubris 12:4 [a hero's journey]

[Performance created and performed by: Agnes Oberauer]

Premiere: 1.February 2020, Von Krahl Theatre, Tallinn,Estonia

[postponed  to April 2020 due to injury!]

The village 

[Opera by Joel Mandelbaum]

Premiere: 14.November 2020, Hamburg, Germany

other performance dates:  

Der Samsa in mir

[performance loosely based on Franz Kafka's 'Metamorphosis']

Director/ Light Designer: Agnes Oberauer

Dramaturgy: Hannah Stollmeyer

Set and Costume: Gianna Sophia Weise

Performed by: Tim Porath

Premiere: 20.November 2019

Upcoming performances: 5.February 2020

Thalia Theater, Nachtasyl, Hamburg, Germany


Agnes Oberauer 

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